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The primary

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The Sports Agent role is a new position to address an identified gap in the Pacific & Indigenous sports arena, sports and athletes management, contracts and support services in health, development, elite and professional. Over the last few years, the amount of Pacific Island athletes has increased significantly in sports generally. We have identified a particular need to support our Pacific female and male participation in sporting activities.


The position will be based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with occasional travel to meet our clients, which may include overnight stays. The Sports Agents reports directly to the SiP Director.


Primary duties

The following areas are critical to the role and constitute the primary duties required to be successful in fulfilling the duties associated with this position and other duties as directed.

  • Manage the deliverables for the Sports Intelligence pathway, athletes, sporting contracts, including the collection of data and reporting requirements.

  • Provide governance and planning support SiP community sporting focus - Pacific Islanders & Indignoiues athletes 

  • Encourage and facilitate greater participation in sporting activities for women in the SiP communities.

  • Support SiP sporting affiliations

  • Ensure SiP athletes receive adequate support, training and development with the aim to maintain high levels of reaching their goals.

  • Assist SiP athletes with their participation in external sporting commitment.

  • Explore and help facilitate SiP athletes training and development opportunities.

  • Manage the SiP athletes diary, including assisting with their family environment situation, strictly within the boundaries set by SiP.

Secondary duties

  • Liaise with external sporting associations and other stakeholders to secure potential opportunity

  • Help to facilitate SiP athlete target goals

  • Professionalism and courtesy is our key of success

  • Encourage a positive attitude regardless


The sports agency industry is competitive, typically must have at least a degree or extensive experiences in law, contract and endorsement negotiations include recruiting new talent, and promotion. Here are some areas of theories and practice within functional areas, but not essential, such as sports management and finance to navigate the business planning and marketing strategy.

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